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of us really were. But she was very sweet to ask my advise about it. I had to rush off to go home and eat lunch with some people whom I kept waiting for some time. But before I left, she told me that she'd come to visit me at Heathcote Form on the 30th of June if she got a chance and if her husband would let her. She then called up and said, “It's all right. I can come” a few days later. Her purpose in coming was to visit the Hyde Park Library because she was thinking about the Johnson Library.

She arrived about 6:30 on the evening of the 30th. The weather was a little uncertain, which added greatly to my anxiety about the evening, but the roses were in very good condition, much better than they are today; and she was properly admiring of them. My sister and brother-in-law came and John Gunther and Richard Adler and Mr. and Mrs. Golderson were all here for dinner and we had a very pleasant and agreeable evening. John Gunther talked to her about his recent visit to all the countries of South America, and Golderson talked about an effort he had made to help the head of the University of Alabama have a series of lecturers and liberalminded people to come down and talk in Alabama because he said, “How do you expect a state to be liberal if nobody ever goes

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