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Both the newspaper and TV publicity really hurt Keating.


He became rather ludicrous.


He became ludicrous. Kennedy's speeches were well-written. He had a grasp of what people wanted to hear about and were interested in. He talked about education and housing and problems that people in New York City and State were interested in. But actually it would have been very hard to unseat Keating without some break of that kind. It showed how tricky Keating really was to try a trick like this on him. It was a form of desperation on Keating's part. Keating must have felt before this he was losing.


Especially in the light of the Presidential race, which was so hopelessly one-sided.


He felt that there was going to be a terrific Jonnson sweep and that Kennedy would be swept in with him, and indeed Johnson did help him enormously because Kennedy ran behind Johnson in the election.

In any case, I think he made a very good campaign, and

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