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he worked extremely hard. I contributed to his campaign, and for election night someone sent word for me to come and ride to the headquarters with Bob Kennedy and with Ethel, who is charging. I rode with them and some of their children to this great seething, milling headquarters where all the workers and friends were milling around in huge suites in one of those hotels down near the Pennsylvania station. I don't know which one it was even now.


Was it the New Yorker?


It might have been. Anyway it was a enormous place with huge numbers of workers in the corridors and in all the connecting bedrooms and suites. Everyone was sitting on beds and looking at television sets. I sat next to a small child who wasn't terribly interested in looking at the TV election returns. He was about nine or ten years old and his name was also Robert Kennedy. I asked him what he was interested in and he said he was interested in reptiles, and he talked to me at great length about lizards and iguanas. He said his mother did not like him to keep snakes but he was extremely interested in the whole subject of reptiles. He talked with

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