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such intensity and seriousness. He's going to be a very important person.


He's the son?


He's the son. He's not the eldest son. The eldest son I think is Joseph. This is Robert. He's adorable, a very delicate face--not a typical Kennedy face at all--more like his mother's family, a charming child. Well, it was obvious fairly soon that Johnson and Kennedy had won. I went home.

How did that happen again? I was asked to ride to the headquarters with them. I think I went to Jean Smith's house and they were leaving just as I was arriving. They said, “Come with Eunice,” and I went with Eunice and Lem Billings and the children to the headquarters.


To the headquarters, which was the Statler Hotel perhaps?


I think it was the Statler. As we came down from Jean Smith's house there were so many of us in the elevator that the elevator sank about five feet below the first floor.

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