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We had the most terrible time scrambling out, I especially as I was in a tight black dress. It was dreadful.

At any rate, the election was a triumph for a man who only decided to run as Democratic Senator from the State of New York about the end of July and who had the issue of carpetbagger against him.

As I've said to you in the section on the Kennedy Center, later in the month or the beginning of December, I was terribly offended with him about his suggestion that because of some minor complaint they would withdraw the use of his brother's name in connection with the Kennedy Center, which was a memorial to his brother established by love and by the Congress of the United States. I was so mad at him, in fact, that one of his friends told him about it, and he wrote me the most abject and beguiling letter; so I was quite mollified. He also called me up and said he felt terrible and was terribly disturbed about it. Well, he wasn't so disturbed that when it came around May and I had lunch with him and his mother and Lem Billings, he started all over again. I was mad again but not as mad as the first time.


Incidentally, is Mrs. Rose Kennedy heartily in favor of

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