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about everything, too, and Jean has something to say about anything she's interested in.

At any rate, you heard me talk to him today about who should be mayor of New York and that he'd have to get behind whoever it was and fast. That's the Robert Kennedy campaign.


And your role in it. That's very interesting.


Another thing about it: He had a fantastic notion that I was very well-known in New York City and in the State, which really isn't true at all. People would hear him, and I even heard him say, on the radio and on television, “How can you say that I'm not liberal and the creature of bosses when Mary Lasker is for me?” The poor child didn't realize that 99 out of 100 people that he was speaking to, if not a hundred out of a hundred, had never heard of me.


Especially in the garment district.


Especially in the garment district or anyplace else! I mean the number of people that know me is maybe a couple thousand, but he was convinced that because he knew me and his brother knew me and his mother knew me and that I lived

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