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in New York, I must be well-known. You see, he just wasn't enough of a New Yorker to realize that I'm not the famous New York character that has a local political following because I have none at all. I said to him, “I'm so worried about your using my name,” and he thought I didn't want him to use my name for some reason or another, that I was offended at his using my name. I wasn't offended; I was just touched because he thought it had some political value, which it hasn't.


Except in circles where it counts.


It might have usefulness among a few liberal Democrats and used in the right place, but not in masses of people, and I heard at least two speeches in which he used my name to answer the fact that he wasn't a creature of the bosses as a guarantee, which was very cute but not realizing that this was not an adequate answer to most people.

Well, what's next?


Now the Belgian princess.


This relates to my interest in research in heart disease. As you probably recall--since you seem to have such a good memory--Mrs. Mahoney and I were interested and I got Senator

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