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Yes. It should have said about how many people die of arteriosclerosis and how little money is being spent on it considering the total amount of the federal budget and the total growth of the Gross National Product. This didn't get into any figures, as I glawed at it, or did it?


No, it didn't do that.


Miss mcDonough and I are trying to develop a high blood pressure fact sheet, which isn't finished yet but we hope to finish it soon.

Another effort that I've made was interest Dr. Rauscher and Dr. Cooper in the development of hormonal assays, which could be used both for high blood pressure and heart and tests for cancer, and after cancer, where you know that hormonal imbalances are certainly existing.

This is extremely longwinded and I've finally gotten them together or gotten Dr. Cooper together with Dr. Federico Welsch of the Worcester Institute for Experimental Biology, the same institution that was started by Dr. Jregary Pincus, the inventor of “the Pill.” We'll know later about this.

In December, as far as trying to publicize the state of our health care facilities in New York City goes, I interested Mr. Clay Felker, editor and publisher of NEW YORK MAGAZINE In running a series of where do you get care and how do you get care in New York City, and maybe you saw his piece on evaluationg hospitals and their emergency rooms in New York City. It was wonderfull. You didn't see it?

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