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This is one of your great talents, getting to people like that and inspiring them to do something.


Well, this is really brilliantly done, just marvelously well done. I've since started to raise hell about it because he wrote a piece about “Who Has Power in New York?” and described carefully all the labor leaders and all the people who really do have power and could tie the city up if they wished to make mischief, but he mentioned one woman, Bella Abzug, in this whole city, 52 percent of which are women. So I complained to him about this, because really there are some women who are very able in this city like Mary Lauirence Estee Lauder Bess Myerson, you know, a lot of very able women. It's very dull for a magazine that's purporing to talk to New York about itself not to mention -- or seldom mentions any women at all in any important way.

Another effort has come under the heading of the Versaialles Foundation. We finally got an American tax-deductibe foundation for the restoration of Versailles established, last year in November, and I'd been trying to help them to get -- get a good presentation to show their need, because Versailles has been ravaged first by the Revolution, then by several wars, and by Louis Philippe who took everything out and painted everything white, but as a museum it's one of the great treasures of the world, and the restoration of it to -- the public rooms to look something like what they looked like in the 18th century would be an enhhanting addition to the museums of the world and to the attractions of the museums of France.

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