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present head of WHO -- he's the present director of WHO. We met with him and Dr. Lambo and Dr. Hitze. They gave us some information which may be of some use, and which we've transmitted to the Cancer Institute.

We also have interested Dr. Hudolph Falk in Toronto, a surgeon there, now transferred to Montreal, however, to McGill in Montreal, who was one of the first to give large dosages of BCG by mouth, for the possible treatment of cancer of the colon and stomach. He has had about 150 cases, but has not had enough long enough to make any statements about the degree of, the percentage of remissions, and any long term results.


Unofficially, is he encouraged by it?


He is encouraged by some very unusual reactions to BCG for people that have had cancers, in interior cancers, in the inside of the body. Meretofore BCG has been used mostly for melanomas that appear on the surface of the skin, and cancer of the breast, where women have skin nodules. ...


Mrs. Lasker, why did you have to go to the World Health Organization for BCG supplies? Is it in short supply in this country?


Yes, it's in short supply in this country, because there's never been a BCG program in tuberculosis on any soale here, and the only source is the Tice vaccine made in Chicago in experimental quantities, and the BCG available through Lilly and Co. Nobody knows whether these different BCG's have the same effeet in

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