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So they're instituting more and suits.


They're just saying, “All right, you've released the funds, but you aren't spending the funds in this fiscal year.” They're not declaring the suits moot. Because he's really -- you know, they've done everything in the most high handed and unconscionable way, it seems to me. Anti-human.

Mike Garmau has been a leader in the impoundment suit, and so far they've been successful, because without them any number of important programs would have been decimated or eliminated.


What is the attitude of the Scretary of HEW toward all this?


Well, he is a former Director of the Budget, Weinberger, and his attitude has been the same as (Roy) Ash who is the present Director of the Budget, that everything must be cut down. I think his attitude may be moderating slightly, because he wants to run for Governor of California, and he found himself fourth on theix list of candidates, and he asked Ana Landers what she thought about it and she said, “I don't think you're showing any interest in people, and people don't show interest in you unless you show interest in their needs.”

So he may be moderating slightly, but it would be a great change if he did.

Now, Senator Ribidoff has been interested, in the problem of the difficulties of getting funds for health care, and of the radical changes that the administration is making in HEW and

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