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the health department -- really, what amounted to changing legislation in the field of mental illness, by administrative acts, activities. And he is going to hold some hearings on them in '74.

Now, a new effort I've undertaken with Leonard Goldenson and Mike is to try to get the discoveries of NASA developed for the use of handicapped people in this country, and to develop them for the use of medical care generally. There are many many discoveries that were made in relation to the space effort that have never been exploited for us on earth. Now, it happens that we have very friendly people who are interested in rehabilitation in the House and in the Senate. Sanator Cranston in the Senate and Congressman Brademas in the House. And this will be an easy subject to work on. Now, whether it will be easy to get money, I don't know, but it will be easy to get legislation, as compared with -- it's never easy to get any legislation about anything. We tried to get a National High Blood Pressure Day proclaimed, and it turned out that a friend from West Virginia was opposed to it. If you have one of these days and one person opposes it in the Congress, that fanishes it.


That takes it off the calendar.


But nothing is easy. But we intend to try to do something along these lines, and I'll tell youmore about it the next time we meet.


The various things that they've learned in NASA through space flights -- have they been able to digest them, so to speak?

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