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They said, “Well, in full committee, and if they don't do it in the full committee, we'll see what we can do on the floor.”

Well, I left, and Mike and Tany went to see Neal Smith to ask him if he would offer a 55 million dollar addition to cancer in the full committee. I thought he'd never do it. We had visited him beofore. But believe it or not, he said he would, But I fear that he was influenced more by the subsequent visit of Tip O'neill and Eddie Boland, who also besought him to offer the amendment. And between it all, he was willing.

Then Boland and O'neill went to see their Irish friend Mr. Daniel Flood, and said that they understood there would be trouble on the floor of he didn't mark up the cancer appropriation more, because there was great dissatisfaction with the figure of only 5 million over the 600 million, that it wasn't really a Democratic figure. But I'm sure they said it in such a charming way that Mr. Flood thought better of this figure, and they said, “Why don't you call up the subcommittee and see if they won't agree with you to raise the figure?”

Well, within a few hours I got a telephone call that Flood had agreed to 660, from 605, but that if we did anything on the floor, it was all off, he'd fight against it himself.

He knew we were perfectly capable of getting other people to offer amendments on the floor, and they hate floor amendments, you know. It's very irritating, throws their routine off, and they don't know but what they could get beat.


And it also opens the flood gates --

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