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-- to all kinds of other mischief that they don't want to have to beat down.

So, the report that I heard -- that was on Friday. On Sunday night, there was an NBC report of a beautiful girl who had leukemia and now had survived ten years and was graduating from high school. And then there was an appeal for more money for cancer research. Mr. Flood by some miracle saw this program, which I did not. He attributed the program to my machinations, which was perfectly untrue, I didn't have anything to do with it, and they did have a meeting of the full. Mr. Neal Smith did offer the amendment. Mr. George Mahan fulminated for about, somebody said two hours, maybe it was 20 minutes, about how terrible it was that Mrs. Birch Bayh and Mrs. Lasker and Mrs. Blair were making all this trouble and these men gave in to all this, and not only that but Mrs. Lasker had always done this with Hill and Fogarty, and she had even given them awards.

Well, the 53 men sat quietly while this went on. Then they took a vote, and there were two votes against it and six for it and the rest were silent, giving consent, so we got 55 million dollars more, thanks to Boland and O. Without them we could have done nothing.


Well, however it was accomplished --


However it was done, it was accomplished. Now the question is, what can we get done in the Senate? And we've got that all plotted out, the next couple of days --

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