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for the discovery of penicillin as a cure for syphilis in '46. It was the first year we gave awards.

Number 2: awards were given for advances in understanding of the chemical nature of the gene and elucidation of the genetic code in '47, in '50, in '58, in '60, in '64, '65 and '68.

Number 3, for the usefulness of streptomycin against tuberculosis in '48. The work was accomplished in '44, I believe. It was shown to be useful by Wexman in '43.

Number 4, for the discovery of the usefulness of certisone against arthritis in 1949.

Number 5, for the development of polio vaccines in '54, '56 and '65.

In the back of the book we tell the names of all the people that received awards.

Number 6, for the usefulness of isoniazid against tuberculosis in 1955.

Number 7, for the development of tranguilizing drugs against mental illness in 1957.

Number 8, for the development of the anti-hypertensive drugs against high blood pressure in '58.

Number 9, for the development of the birth control pill in 1960.

Number 10, for the identification and isolation of hormones of the anterior pituitary gland in 1962.

Number 11, for the development of the usefulness of

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