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estrogen treatment in cancer of the prostate in '63.

Number 12, for the development of the anti-depressant drugs for severe mental illness in '64.

Number 13, for the development of the heart-lung machine in '68.

Number 14, for the clinical demonstration of the usefulness of L-Dopa in the treatment of Parkingson's isease in 196.

Number 15, for the contributions to the understanding of the mechanism of immunity, in 1970.

Number 16, fox the demonstration of the life-saving effectiveness of the use of drugs in the treatment of moderate hypertension (that's what I was telling you about) in 1973.

Number 17, for the demonstration that a variety of drugs would cause regressions and in some cases cures of various types of cancer in 1972.

And then the winners of '74 were as I've just described. I'll give you this.


Thank you, I'll attach this.


Because this really tells the story of the history of medicine.


Yes, it does. You've kept abreast of that. Have you determined the awards for the coming fall?

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