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to defend administration figures. Well, they didn't come out and say, “We need more.” But this was the atmosphere of the meeting. And it was very remarkable because this man was savvy enough to know that maybe outsiders could help. The first time there was every any indication of that.

Then there was another meeting that was very interesting. A group of doctors in community hospitals, not speciality hospitals for cancers but community hospitals, large community hospitals in many places throughout the country met on February 2nd to say that they wanted to have within these hospitals community cancer centers where more advanced care and more information about drugs would be available to patients, because in the average hospital in small cities or in big cities people get operated on and that is pretty much that. This was organized by a man called James . Of course the Cancer Society was very suspicious of this because they're suspicious of any new activities, but I hope they're going to urge the expansion of community cancer centers instead of downrating it. But that hasn't taken off yet in any large way that I know of.

In the field of high blood pressure Mr. and Mrs. William Blair gave a luncheon for presidents of pharmaceutical companies, because we found that we couldn't get any money from industry by writing letters and such people as we approached we hadn't gotten any from. And we felt that the pharmaceutical industry was the only place we were likely to get money for our committee for the treatment of high blood pressure.

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