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We did indeed have presidents and high-ranking officers of the major drug companies, including , and we did raise over $100,000.

I had another lunchn for people insurance companies. The people came from insurance companies and they gave nothing.


At your house?


At my house. Insurance companies really don't want a prolonged prime of life because that makes them have to pay annuities longer, and that's very upsetting to their calculatinons.


But you were optimistic that they might...


Well, I thought it was so obvious -- they might shamed into it. But no. Isn't that marvelous? Doesn't it make you feel sad for the human race?

Then I saw that a request for money to support rehabilitation in some new building and a core grant in order that the New York University Medical School become a major cancer center a comprehensive cancer center, was not likely to happen unless I went to a sub-committee in Washington on the 24th of February. And with great fatigue to myself I went for one day from California to Washington to try to promote this. I thought I had gotten

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