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this arranged in the sub-committee, but when I got to the Cancer Council in March, I found that somehow or other the New York University's needs had been overlooked. I had really made a terrible fuss about it at the meeting. I'm sure that everybody was shocked to hear the tone that I took about this, and Dr. Rauscher hurriedly said that the request for funds would be paid. They might have to wait till after the first of July when we got new .


Had you flown from California and went back to California again?


Yes, I did. I really don't to do things like that, which for me are very tiring, unless I can get something accomplished that's a substantive thing.

Then when I was in California, where I was for about two months in a house in Beverly Hills which I rented, I made a trip to Houston for the dedication of a heart and blood vessel research and demonstration center at the Methodist Hospital at Baylor that is headed by Dr. Mike DeBakey. There was an excellent symposium, and Dr. Deakey and his associate, Dr. Gotto, has a very elaborate effort to identify an enzyme that would maybe be useful in the reversal of arteriosclerosis. If this works, we really will have a long time of life.

You will be to know that there was a dinner in

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