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honor of George Meany and myself at the Waldorf on April 30th on behalf of national health insurance legislation. It was sponsored by local unions here. I thought it would be very amusing because George Meany is such a forthright speaker. Imagine my dismay when I arrived and found that he was in bed with influenza and I was the only honored person present.


And you had to speak.


Well, I spoke but it was very short and I was not prepared with anything of any consequence at all. It was horrified. It was terrible. There were other people that spoke, thank God, but Meany would have made it

I've been trying to get Dr. of the National Mental Health Institute to do more research in just straight neurology and surgery of the brain instead of just in drugs that are tranquilizing or anti-depressant, and I brought him together with Dr. Irving Cooper, who bad developed a brain pace-maker. He's one of our great neuro-surgeons.

I also had meetings with Dr. Saxena and some of his associates, including Dr. eger and Dr. Lieberman about the importance of trying to get more of the NIH money spent in the field of endrocrinology. Not nearly enough funds are spent in this area by some extraordinary . I really think it's

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