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because Shannon, who used to be the head of the Institute and dominated it for ten years, really thought hormones were something to do with sex and that sex was bad and so you shouldn't support the subject too much.


Under what institute would this come?


The main institute is arthritis that has the main funds, but they don't spend more than $10 or $12 million. But heart could spent money in endrocrinology; cancer could spend money in endrocrinology if they would just go out aggressively and seek fundsto relate to the programs in those areas.

Well, then the National Pye Institute pressed me to be present to announce their new summary of what progress had been made and what needs to be done in eye research. And I really am interested in it. I don't know much about eye research, but I'm very enthusiastic about more being done without the use of their eyes, people are really in a sorry state, although I hear that in homes for the blind there's more qaiety and more amusement -- people are in a better mental state that they are in homes for the deaf. Some doctor said this, but I don't know if it's really true or not. They say that the deaf are so shut in and the blind are not because they can hear.


And they have other senses which they develop.

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