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Oh, yes, I had. I sat next to him at dinner at Versailles several times, but I hadn't seen him for four or five years.

The dinner was a great mixture of people from one of the best black dancers to some of the top members of the House and of the Senate. Senator Mansfield was there and Mrs. Charles Kaglahart and Itrs. Dick Uatson and Mr. an Mrs. billion and Mr. and Mrs. Amory Eoughton, all of whom had been ambassadors to France. And then afterwards a jazz pianist and a singer entertained us and then after that there was dancing, It was all extremely agreeable and enjoyable. Always the best thing that they do at the white House in the Air Force Strings -- that business of 25 violins playing at one time is one of the most attractive things anybody can do.


When was this?


This was the middle of May -- I thin the 17th or 18th of May. The next night that the President of France gave a dinner at the French ambassy they had built a big edition of the French embassy with a half-octagonal tent. You walked down into it, and the tables -- long narrow tables of 20 -- had very well-done parthauit table cloths and napkins and beautifully arranged flowers arranged in what looked to be a room, a room in a palace, with cherry-colored sort of satin walls and tapestries and handsome candelabra and the food made by French chess and beautifully served, an with - you

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