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won't believe it -- a small orchestra playing 18th century music during dinner dressed in 18th century costume. And after that Gilbert Because, who is their sort of Frank Sinatra, entertained. It was very lively. There was a great mixture of people, including Rose Kennady, Paul Mellon. I sat next to Kirk Douglas and Hubert Kumphrey. It was very pretty and very very beautifully done and all really thanks to the French Ambacsador and his lovely wife.

The next carryings on that I went to that might have some interest was a large cocktail party at the Waldorf for Governor Carter. I had sent him a contribution in a letter, and he had written me a handwritten letter in return, which I will send you a copy of. But when I was introduced to him he said, “oh, yes,” and at least he remembered my name.

He made a very good speech at this thing, and afterwards there was a receiving line and so I went through the receiving line again and somebody introduced me to him for the second time that day and he said, “Oh, yes, we're old friends.”


was that the party where Elizabeth Taylor was?


Yes. He is a consummate politic, a very good speaker, an entirely new personality in the whole area and I think will win the election unless some unforessen, horrible event takes

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