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to give nine hundred and twenty million for cancer research to the Cancer Institute. They started out by really only being willing to give ten million more, and that was beaten down, and finally they were willing, twenty million, and finally Smith, Neal Smith [Congressman Neal Smith of Iowa], whom I had visited and asked if he would help us, came forth with a proposal to give thirty-five million more. So that was finally accepted.

But this made unbelievable damage. I'd gotten Hubert Humphrey to call up Flood [Congressman Daniel J. Flood of Pennsylvania] and appeal to Flood about this whole thing. Flood didn't take any real position. He was moderately fair about it, but he was fair to Obey and Obey's wishes. He had no -- he didn't help to the side of financing the whole cancer field more generously. And if you want to take carcinogeus out of the atmosphere, or detect them, if you want to work on at least tumors of twenty major sites and maybe another eighty different kinds of varieties of tumors that occur in those sites and in other parts of the body, you need an immense sum of money to do this in our lifetimes. And really, their performance was pitiful for the human race.

I'm sorry there's no public record of it, because it would be really --


There's no record of the --?


Of the House-Senate Conference. Because if you heard it on a tape, you'd be amazed.


Aren't those -- aren't their deliberations recorded?


No public record.

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