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Yes, he's a life baron.


You spoke about the joint conference of the American and British doctors on breast cancer. This is one step in obtaining greater cooperation between the practicing doctors in the two coutries?


Yes. It's really trying to --



I've been anxious for the British and the Americans to have formal governmental support for cooperative meetings on cancer research between the British and the Americans, as we had between the Russians and Americans and with the French, the Italians and the Japanese.

In the first place, the British are very good clinicians. In the second place, they speak and publish in our own language, and it seems to me to be mad not to try to do this.

Consequently, Deeda Blair (Mrs. William) and I invited Mrs. Jay, the wife of the Ambassador to the United States from Great Britain, for lunch a couple of weeks ago. And she's interested in health problems. She knows quite a lot about it, and she's the daughter of Callahan, the Prime Minister.

And we got three people from he National Cancer Institute, not the Director, unfortunately, to meet with her, hoping that they would sound enthusiastic. Because they were really kind of down-the-line bureaucrats, I must say they really didn't help a lot. I think we could have done more with her alone.

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