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Nothing is ever said in any precise way, so it's hard to get summaries of what they said. However, we're expecting to get a summary next week from a very good writer who's interviewed them all and then heard the testimony, and we're going to put that with this, because it will mark the state of the art of cancer treatment in 1979.


How astute is the questioning on the part of the committee members, for hearings of this sort?


Well, Pepper was very good, and so were some of the other House members. The minute the first day was over, when we had Birch Bayh and Mrs. Frances Humphrey Howard, a sister of Senator Humphrey, and Mrs. Helen Gahagan Douglas who spoke by telephone to them from New York about her experiences with cancer, there was a big attendance of the press and a lot of people there. But after than, the numbers of outside people in the hearings, and of other Congressmen, were not great, after the first day. There were a few people there, after the first day. Three or four of them came from time to time, and there was considerable interest, and great interest on the part of Senator Pepper, now Congressman Pepper, great interest.


You know that I am primarily concerned with your role in all this, and trying to draw that out.

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