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But there aren't many who are that way, are there?


No. I mean, well, I think Birch Bayh would work that way with us, and certainly Senator Hill did (Lister Hill) and Magnuson would if he were holding hearings, I think, and in California this winter I became friends with Senator Alan Cranston and his wife, and Cranston is really quite interested in medical research.


Does he have a personal reason?


Yes, I think he has a personal reason. I think his wife has been ill and I think he's had various personal problems in his family. He introduced me or got me introduced to Mr. Waxman -- the new Congressman who is the head of the Health Committee on the House side, and I think that Cranston and Waxman are going to be very helpful in the health picture.

Rep. Rogers was extremely energetic on the health side. He didn't really grasp that the things that would bring down the death rate, that were the major causes of death, and if you attacked them and really got something done about them people would stop dying. Like high blood pressure! He did all kinds of complicated things that cost money, but if he'd put the money just on the treatment of high blood pressure, the death rate would be far lower.

You know, sometimes people are very, they're afraid to attack the jugular vein of a problem.

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