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The Governor is now seeming to be unwilling to sign it, and we're not quite sure whether he's going to or not because of the opposition of Dr. Cahill. Gov. Carey is devoted to -- because Cahill helped his wife when his wife was dying of breast cancer, and he really refers to him on all kinds of state health problems. Cahill is a tropical medicine expert, presumably, interested in tropical medicine, and gives one day a week to the affairs of New York state, presumably.

Now, I told you I think that Carey wrote me that he wanted a Lasker Award for Dr. Cahill, and I responded to say that I didn't have it in my power to give it to them, that there were 25 judges, it had to be taken up with the judges. They did not decide on Cahill, and I think that both the governor and Cahill think it must be my fault, and they're very mad, and Carey loath to sign this bill.


Is it that they think exclusively in terms of politics?


No, they just feel that this is an honor that Cahill was due, and they should be able to get something from me in order to do something that they think I want.


Well, this is politics.


Yes, this is politics. He did, however, send several emissaries to ask me if I didn't want to be on the board of New York State University -- the, on the board of the trustees

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