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with Lasker Awards, seen so many good nominations for prizes for the awards as we received this year. They were very diffused in range, and of a very high quality. And I think that actually the -- it might be that the awards themselves should be, this year, should be included with the Oral History because they represent the state of the art as seen by leaders of medicine in the United States, status of medical research currently, and why certain people have made outstanding contributions, like Dr. Walter Gilbert.

We're beginning to get recommendations for people that should have awards, who have worked in the field of recombinant DNA, and who have found out how to shorten the process of sequencing DNA. Sequencing material so that it ban be cloned by a bacteria. Can be made by a bacteria which is really cloning.

There were numerous other striking awards, and this year they will go to Dr. Walter Gilbert and Dr. Frederick Sanger in the field of molecular biology and recombinant DNA, and to Sir John Wilson for his great human contributions to the blind all over the world.


He's a doctor?


No, this is a Lasker Public Service Award, and I think the name of the last man is Dr. Roger Wolcott Sperry, who has found that there are two fields of consciousness in the human brain; that you don't have one stream of consciousness, you have two streams of consciousness, and that this is a profound discovery that was never really understood before and may make a great deal of difference in the field of neurology.

But there were many other really wonderful nominations.

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