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do accomplish.

This year we have 45 million dollars for starting, as of this last July 1st, for fiscal '67.


Who in the Congress is particularly interested in it?


Well, Senator Hill's interested, and Congressman Fogarty, the same people, because they're the chairmen of subcommittees that vote the money. It's an amazing thing that in Massachusetts, they have gotten together, after a great deal of moil and toil, many hospitals, and made some kind of a plan. In New York City, they're having a terrific time, because they can't get the representatives of the major medical schools together on anything. But Memorial and New York Hospital want to have a plan. They have enlisted the interest of hospitals as far away as Westchester in being part of a community group that will attempt -- the major city hospitals will send people, doctors, to see their patients, and patients may be sent to their center.


Pool their resources?


Yes, pool their resources, in other words. In Chicago, believe it or not, Mayor Delay has gotten into the act, and he has got a committee that is supposed to be discussing cancer, heart and stroke centers in Chicago. Now, what is going to come

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