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and torn it to pieces, but they didn't, it's not their style. They missed the boat on it.

But they are going to have some Cantell type interferon and they are going to give it out, and by the time they've given it out and find out anything, there will be cloned interferon, and what they'll find out is probably not going to make a great difference.


Why are they so dilatory? They have the federal funds.


Because they are not dynamic people, and besides, although Dr. DeVita is very intelligent he has spent his life on chemicals, and to think that a biological substance might affect cancer did not occur to him, and it's very hard to change his mind in this matter. It would be as if somebody came out of outer space and told us how to deal with cancer, and interferon or anything we were doing was not of any significance, it was entirely a different concept that might work . . .


Why shouldn't we listen?


We should listen, but if you've spent 25 years on one kind of thing, it would be as if everything that human beings have done until now wasn't any good, and the truth is it hasn't been really any good. The successes we have had have been very toxic, very toxic materials, the chemicals have been very toxic and very hard to take, as you well know.

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