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So it's very hard for doctors to face this, and on the other hand the basic scientists see such excitement in it that we are going to get it whether the clinicians like it or not, and the industrial firms see that there are possibilities for things that have no good answers in any other way, and they are doing it.

The National Cancer Institute has just been dilatory, in spite of the billion dollars that we got them.


This is an area where the profit motive really counts.


It really counts. It's one hell of a thing. Would you like some iced tea or hot tea? (interruption)


Now let's turn our attention to another chapter, and that is high blood pressure.


Yes. High blood pressure deaths declined in 1979 -- I mean the deaths from strokes declined -- and I will give you a chart showing exactly what happened. The deaths declined about 30 percent as compared with 1973. The heart deaths are in some decline, about 8 percent, but not nearly as great as deaths from stroke.

The Ad Council has gotten TV spots for national high blood pressure education worth over $106 million of free time since 1975.

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