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I have gotten from Danny Kaye and Bob Hope two spots -- for the Citizens for the Treatment of High Blood Pressure. They are TV spots telling people that they should go to the doctor and see if they have high blood pressure and urging them to take medication if they have


And there is a direct relationship, as you maintain, between these spots on television and the decline. . .


And the decline of deaths, and it's hair-raising to know which TV spot is going to motivate most people to go. Now you and I are not the average people, and I don't know whether if we knew nothing about it we'd be more inclined to be impressed with the fact that Bob Hope said something, or whether we'd be more impressed with a sort of family scene of people where somebody who has high blood pressure is being urged to take medication. I don't know, these things are very difficult to know.

We had a marvelous one to begin with, called A Bomb on Your Chest. It's a wonderful spot. I don't know if you ever saw it.


Yes, I saw that one.


Have you ever seen. . .No, you did'nt look, you were working all the time.

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