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Senator Kennedy has always been a friend and has been for national health insurance and for medical research, I was the chairman of his national finance committee, which was no work on my part at all. I did give the maximum amount of money and I did go to a few meetings, and I asked them why they wanted me, and they said well, they just needed a good woman's name, (laughs) I was terribly worried because I thought, “My God, if anything goes wrong, if anybody gets mad, I will be on the witness stand about it.” Well, nothing has happened like that. (laughs)

I was the chairman of a dance for him to raise money, and I was at the headquarters for the opening here, and I had a cocktail party for Senator Birch Bayh, who lost, and I was a co-host of a party for Javits, who lost; and my friend Magnuson lost.


You were working for the has-beens.


Yes, for the has-beens. Now, what next are you interested in?


Well, now you have a new crew in Washington. Do you have new stalwarts enlisted in this area?


Well, the new ones...we don't know yet how good they're going to be. We hope for great things from Hatfield of Oregon. We hope for great things from Schmidt of New Mexico. But we

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