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who were brought from Washington. Nobody said anything really striking. I said that what we needed from them was to make more of an effort to try to get money for the Cancer Institute so that the money didn't dwindle, and of course that was a novel thought. They never thought that they should do anything about money, especially not now when the President doesn't want money spent.


But they thought it was a good idea nonetheless?


No. Some of them thought it was a good idea. It's really very funny. They don't realize that all the money that's been gotten for the National Institutes of Health, which totaled up to the end of last year to $52 billion, that 29% of that money is given in overhead to the universities and medical schools that do the research. They have an organization called the American Medical Colleges. . .the Medical Colleges of America, I guess it's called. . .AMC it's generally talked of as. They were against another institute, such as the Arthritis Institute, that would be standing alone as a big effort against arthritis, from which 36 million people suffer. They didn't want to have another institute that they somehow or other thought would take money away from something they were already doing. And they didn't realize that the more money we got they got 29% on. That really supported the medical schools and the existence of research efforts in the United States. None of the medical school deans could have. . . what's 32% of $52 billion?

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