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For a few days to see the Prado, which I hadn't seen in many years. Then when we came back, in May -- no, that same week -- and Florence Vanderkamp gave us a wonderful dinner in their apartment in the Palace of Versailles, and a great cross section of French people in government and the arts came, maybe 34 people, 35, 36. Before that I went to a very amusing cocktail party that Jacqueline de Ribes gave in her wonderful house in Paris. But the excitement of going to a dinner party in the Palace of Versailles is extraordinary because the palace is lighted and you go through the gates and there are no visitors, You go along in your car up to this lighted palace and into a wing of the palace, and these rooms are furnished Louis XVI, XIV, furniture, actually in the wing that Colbert used, who was the great finance minister of Louis XIV, and it has kind of excitement that makes you feel as if you'd stepped back about 200 years.


Yes, the 18th century comes to life.


Yes, the 18th century comes to life again, and you think, well, this is the way it must have been. Only the clothes were different.



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