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Lollobrigida. The Vand and the Jules Stynes were invited and a great number of French friends, and the reception was in some other salons which were rather sparsely furnished in the spirit of the 17th century, but it was the most marvelous setting for a dinner I've ever seen. It was the right proportion for the number of people, and often if you go to a very big -- well, for instance, the room in the White House, the dining room never gives you any sense of intimacy, because it's a very wide room and large. This was narrow and the people were sitting down. They were separated by only a very narrow table. It was a fascinating sight, a picturesque sight. And this man's a very good host, Paul Louis Weiller, and his house is in the center of a section of Paris called Le Marais -- it was very beautiful.

Then one night the same spring --


That was given in your honor?




Was there any special event?


No, no, it was just given because I was in Paris.

Mrs. Blair was traveling with me and we were about to go to Spain.

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