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it was going to be a party for her mother. We thought that this would eliminate all press and publicity or at least it would bring it down a good deal. However, not to be daunted, Women's Wear Daily had photographers outside and by the next morning they had printed photographs of xx man guests as they came in and also sketches of what they had on. The thing that we wonder about is, who in heaven's name gave them the detailed report on exactly how the dresses were made? So they could get in time for them to publish the next morning. Isn't that fantastic?


Very enterprising, aren't they? You said they also gave the best and most detailed coverage to Truman Capote's party.


Oh, there's no doubt they did, fantastically energetic. Now, here's the partylist for this, and -- and I had the pleasure of having the painter, marc Chagall, and his wife present, and for me he's a great joy. He's so charming and lively and human and gifted. Although I don't speak French very well and he doesn't speak very much English, we got along very well. We had about 30 for dinner and then there were about 60, or 70 or 80, people who came afterwards. I was exhausted after it. But Mrs. Johnson and Lynda seemed to enjoy themselves, and It all went very well, and I don't think

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