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Well, anyway, it was fun. Some time I want to make a note about a marvelous party that was given for me by paul Louis Weiller, in Paris a year ago, in April 1966. He is a man who collects houses the way other people collect paintings, and the has in Paris three or four houses that he uses from time to time for various purposes. One Is a former embassy that had belonged to Holland, a house of the 17th century that he's had restored, very beautifully, and in it is a long narrow dining room. It's narrower than this room. It's roughly 16 feet wide . It's like a room that's Just big enough for a refeectory table down the center. But the ceilings are about, well, maybe 18 or 20 feet high, much higher than it was wide, with paintings by a 17th century painter on the ceiling, and the room I think was the prettiest sight I've ever seen for a private dinner. It had this very long refectory table covered with material that looked like cloth of gold. It was really some kind of lame -- gold lame' -- and had iron candelabra on it, festooned with real flowers, a great deal of silver, gilt, plate for the table, and silver and gilt ornaments, and it was really -- it was all lighted with candles. The food was fantastic and brought from somewhere else; I don't know where he had it brought from but the food was marvelous. There were combinations of people like the ex-King of Italy, Umberto, and Lollobrigida -- that's her first name? CINA

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