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Commission on Population, and they felt that they weren't getting any place, one day -- I think he talked to John Gardner and Gardner said he should get in touch with me and see if I couldn't interest the President in such a commission. This was last summer, I guess.


This is John Rockefeller III?

Mrs. Lasker:

John Rockefeller III, yes. He'd written a letter to the President, and he had felt that it hadn't made any impact. I said, “Well, let's go and see Mrs. Johnson,” so I made an appointment with Mrs. Johnson some time in November, and Mr. Rockefeller and I did have an appointment with her on the subject, and she did talk to the Preside not about it. I seldom ask her to talk to the President on any medical subject, but I did on this one, because she was sympathetic. She said that felt that it wasn't the right time to do it, while the Congress was in session, that there might be some opposition, and to get his program through he really couldn't afford any opposition at that moment, that he was interested in it and that he would try to do something about it, perhaps put it in a health

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