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My friend Emerson Foote, employee of my husband, of Foote, Cone and Belding, has retired from his business more or less and is working on this advertising campaign on population with Hugh Moore. Hugh Moore is supplying a large amount of the money. They're spending between a half million and a million dollars on this campaign, in New York papers, especially the Times, and the Washington Post. Did you think it was effective? I thought there should be more . I thought the photographs were too big and the too small.


In connection with the Latin American development, I should think this would in turn have repercussions on Catholic members of Congress here. Those are heavily Catholic countries.

Mrs. Lasker:

Yes. Well, I think a great deal of progress in this area's been made, and it seems crazy that it's taken so long, but things are certainly moving, and I just heard today that in all the agencies the Children's Bureau about 73 million dollars is being spent domestically , the highest amount ever to have been spent (I'm sure very little was spent last year.) on planned parenthood services in the United States, through HEW. This isn't going to make a tremendous impact immediately but if the information gets to the lower third of the population,

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