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eventually we should cut out a great deal of misery and ignorance, and women in poverty groups should be relieved of this enormous burden of unwanted children.


It seems to me that currently there are very very few people in public life taking a positive stand publicly against birth control.

Mrs. Lasker:

Barbara Ward is among the Catholics who are urging the Pope to go ahead and make a positive statement in the birth control field. Well, there's a lot of movement in this.

Now, in the field of other activities, and this should be separated from the legislative activities, I'm on the Advisory Council of the National Institute for General Medical , one of the NIH Institutes, and I've been going to it. It's a non-categorical institute which is very well administered by Dr. Fred Stone. He's by all odds one of the better administrators, who would like to be administering an institute like Heart or Cancer because he feels he'd get something specific done in the way of dropping the death rates in these. But this field has been supporting work in DNA and RNA and in various areas that weren't supported in depth by other institutes.

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