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They don't feel secure while in office.

Mrs. Lasker:

I was Interested - I should say in a rootnote which should go into the section on legislation -- to move strongly about the usefulness of anti-hypertensive drugs in a community effort to reduce death from stroke and heart disease, through lowering of high blood pressure. I went to an American Heart Association Conference on epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases in Chicagolast February, a year ago about now, in '67. I heard . Joseph Wilbur, who later. testified, . He had done a small project in the state of Georgia. Now it has developed that he is going to get funds as a result of our efforts from the Regional Medical Program, so he can do a bigger project in Atlanta. I had him here to discuss what he was doing -- before all the heads of regional medical programs in New York City. You know, the Regional Medical Program is an outgrowth of the Cancer, Heart and Stroke I got the President to appoint commission in '64. I think the Wilbur's methods and his methodology will interest and help other anti-hypertension studies to get started all over the country, At least that's my hope.

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