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During the year I had an interesting experience going to two National Foreign Policy conferences for executives of industries. I don't know how I got into it, but I was invited Dean Rusk to a conference of three or four hundred people, where the State Department was willing to outline what their international policies were and to accept questions from the floor. It was extremely well done. It was a day long. very very interesting.


Where was it held?

Mrs. Lasker:

In the State Department in two of their big auditoriums. It was extremely interesting and informative. A bonus that I got from something somewhere.

I don't know quite what.



Was it off the record?

Mrs. Lasker:

Off the record, no press at all, an off the record briefing of senior executive s of major industries.

I don't know if you saw an article in Atlantic Monthly -??


I was going to ask you about that. Mr. told me it was in the January issue.

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