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very much interested in research or its payoffs, was going to let term lapse. His term of office was up in September 1st of '68, and then he was going to re-appoint him as a civilian later. He was part of commission . As a member of the commission his term of office lapsed, but then it was going to be possible to re-appoint his as a civilian, and We thought this would be a disaster. Mike Gorman and I went to Senator Hill and begged him to tell Cohn that he didn't agree with this, that he felt that Shannon had never been responsive to medical research -- clinical research -- and in getting results for the patients, and that he felt therefore there should be a new appointment.

We suggested, that -- we suggested several names of people that were in the National Institutes of Health, first to Cohn and to Hill. One was Fred Stone. Another was the head of the National Mental Health Institute. Another was Robert Aldrich, who had been the head of the Institute for Child Health and Human Development.

Cohn, in a meting with Cohn, Hill, Lee, DeBakle, Farbar and Mike Gorman and myself -- now, wait a minute, Hill was not present. He had to go for a roll call vote. But the rest were present. Lee and Cohn asked us to vote for who we would be for. The vote sort of split up. We assumed that if we decided on one person, for instance, if the majority were for one person, he would go along with this appointment. Senator Hill finally came back into the meeting, not having voted, but said that his

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