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doing. He was very tactless with the Congress. He made no friends with the public, through the public information media. And he was altogether, I thought, a disaster.

Yet, he had this Job, to throttle everything. I think that time will tell what results will be done under Marston, but at least I felt it was a mission to see that he (Shannon) was no longer there”, He's now gone to have a job at the National Academy of Science as an advisor, which will not allow him to do as much mischief as he could do at the National Institutes of Health.

As far as the appropriations for 1969 went, Senator Hill got about 69 million dollars more for the National Institutes and the National Mental Health Institute than what would have been in the President's budget. But finally, in the very rough time during the appropriations when everything, all the whole, appropriations to be out 10 percent -- the bargain on the surcharge, yes -- we finally came out, for the first time in a long time, with slightly less money than had been appropriated the year before.

The National Institutes of Health in '68 had a total appropriation, including National Mental Health Institutes, Community Mental Health Services, of one billion, 533 million. In fiscal '69 we came out with one billion, 519 million. So that's a drop by 12 million.


That would affect principally what area?

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