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Well, I haven't yet met Mr. Finch. I don't know -- I know that he doesn't know anything about the health field and isn't particularly interested in it. He's more interested in poverty and in education. I do know a number of his friends, and I hope to meet him in the next month or so. In the meantime, I am friendly with Senator Yarborough. He is interested in cancer. I'm interested in trying to get him to do something which will make cancer a national goal and give cancer research a higher in the fight for funds. Perhaps cancer and heart, or arteriosclerosis, which is the main cause of heart attack and stroke. We haven't quite decided quite how to do this as yet, but we intend to move on this in the next few weeks. I have seen Senator magnusson, who's an old friend. He is a very able man, extremely shrewd, and when he wants to do something, he can. However, he's not in terribly good condition. He does drink quite a lot, and he -- he will not spend as much time or be as devoted as Senator Hill. At the same time, I think that he will fight more perhaps than several other people that might have been -- with, Mr. Mahon of Texas. When Magnusson decides that he wants to do something, he's a formidable enemy, on the floor or in conference, and if he appoints a good clerks to the committee, which we yet don't know about, we might have some success with getting a little more money, or at least not losing more money. These are very hard times to increase anything, unless you have something very new to talk about, and

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