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In the photograph, It seemed -- odd.


Yes, a highnecked dark dress. Well, it looked very add to wear at a ball, I must say. But, you can wear anything these days.

The feeling of warmth and friendliness was very marked. The orchestra was externally good. The flowers were a marvelous shade of orange roses, provided by Judith Gardiner in large quantities, and there were orange table clothes which contrasted slightly but very pleasantly, and the whole effect of the Plaza and of the reception in the Terrace Room looked extremely elegant, due to the flowers, really, because the rooms can look very bad or very well according to how the flowers are arranged. It was very expensive but I was very very beautiful and everyone remarked about how beautiful it was.

Cab Calloway sang, as the only star entertainer. He only sang once. Mr. Johnson made a touching speech in response to a speech by Nelson Rockefeller, which was very good, very friendly, very sympathetic. The whole evening went with great warmth and gave a great many people a great deal of pleasure. It was a great success, really.

Now, on the subject of beautification in New York City --


-- before you do that, may I ask this question? Who now is to supervise the extension of this program in the District of Columbia?

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