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When I had lunch with Egeberg in the summer, I said I was going to Europe and would like to give a dinner in his honor with some friends when I returned. We gave this dinner. Finally, in order to have Secretary Finch and his wife there we had to delay it until the 11th of November.


Did you do this in Washington?


In Washington, at Mr. and Mrs. Blair's lovely house. We had Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Steinfeld, Senator and Mrs. Magnusson, Walter Reuther, Dr. Jesse Marmorston, Dr. and Mrs. Ted Cooper (he's director of the Heart Institute), Mike Gorman and his wife and a number of other people. It was a very friendly party. Oh, Senator Javits of New York came. It was a very friendly and pleasant meeting, really a formal dinner, and Reuther got to know Finch and Egeberg for the first time. Reuther has recently met with them in January and they seem to be quite friendly and seemed willing to work with him on discussing his plans for national health insurance. This is really quite a plus, because usually HEW has, in recent times, stood aside from any efforts about national health insurance. But it seems that Secretary Finch and Mr. Veneman were either persuaded by Reuther or sympathetic to the idea of at least providing whatever information the Public Health Service has to Reuther, and the meeting

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