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without anybody there or even connected with the project having any experience in the use of methadone. They overlooked Dr. Nyswander and Dr. Trussell who have been running this big clinic at Beth Israel Hospital. The Mayor seems very unwise and unseeing in his actions, because heroin is such a terrible cause of crime and expense in the city that you really couldn't believe that anybody in charge of the city's efforts against crime would be so -- well, so poorly advised and so perverse. I've talked to him quite frankly about it but he never seems to quite understand it.

Now, fortunately, Rockefeller's putting 15 million dollars into methadone for the state and most of it I hope will come to New York. We have at least 50,000 known addicts. My sister and Irving Blumberg had some effect in encouraging Rockefeller to do this just recently. This is in his new budget. Well, that's on ongoing interest.

I'm so deeply interested in the field of arteriosclerosis. I went to the Second International Symposium in Chicago with some friends from the 3rd to the 5th of November. Nothing new was announced there. We had a pleasant meeting between Dr. Cooper, Dr. Freis and Dr. Oliver of Edinburgh, but no important results came as a result of the report to the meeting.

However, some great things happened yesterday. Dr. Cooper, who met Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld through me, had a meeting with Rosenfeld and heads of Consolidated Edison, Western Electric, Bell Telephone, AT&T

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